Jamboree Request

Jamborees must adhere to MN Hockey rules. It is highly recommended that jamborees follow a half ice format for the lower levels. Jamboree games played on a full sheet of ice will require USA hockey referees as per MN Hockey rules – copy provided for reference below. Fees for referees will be paid by the host association.

Rich Rakness

District 8 Director

(651) 455-1725


Complete the information above. Jamborees may be conducted only at the Mite level.

Definition of a Jamboree: A Jamboree is defined by MN Hockey as a low‐key full participation event where players have an enjoyable and learning experience in a noncompetitive environment. Jamborees need not be registered as tournaments, but must follow the “Team Rest” provisions as provided for under “Playing Rules”. The format used for a Jamboree shall be as follows:

  1. Approval to conduct a Jamboree must be obtained from the cognizant District Director at least thirty (30) days in advance.
  2. All teams must be from a single MH District, unless approved in writing by the MH Directors involved.
  3. Information referring to the event must state “Jamboree”, not tournament.
  4. Team fees can cover only the costs for ice time, officials, medical attendants and participant awards.
  5. There can be no gate fee. A free‐will donation box will be permitted.
  6. USA Hockey certified officials must be used.
  7. No score may be kept, no winners, no losers, no standings. This will generally require a predetermined round‐robin format to be followed.
  8. No statistics may be kept, such as shots, saves, goals, assists, time of possession, etc. 9. Participation awards, if presented, shall be the same for all participants. No team awards or trophies.

Please note: Associations outside of District 8 are NOT allowed to participate without prior District Director approval for all teams! 

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