Minnesota Hockey District 8 is dedicated to catering to the needs of the Southeast metropolitan region within the Twin Cities. As the official online platform for our District and collaborate with our 14 member associations, this website has been meticulously designed to serve as the primary source for a wealth of crucial resources.

Assisting more than 7,000 young athletes in the southeastern metropolitan area, District 8 serves as the governing organization for over 14 associations, overseeing a total of 291 competitive teams. These teams range from Boys Squirt through Junior Gold and Girls 10U through 15U. Additionally, District 8 manages 300+ youth-level teams, spanning from Boys Termite and Mini-Mite through Mite 8U, as well as Girls 4U through 8U hockey.

  • Contacts: Here, you can readily access contact information for key individuals and organizations involved in District 8 Hockey. Whether you need to reach out to coaches, administrators, or support staff, our contact directory streamlines communication.
  • Rules: Our website is a comprehensive repository of the rules and regulations governing District 8 Hockey. It provides clarity on game rules, codes of conduct, and other essential guidelines to ensure a safe and fair playing environment.
  • Schedules: Stay up-to-date with the latest schedules for practices, games, and tournaments. Our website offers a convenient way to access and track the timing and locations of events.
  • Information: From news updates and announcements to resources for players, parents, and coaches, this website serves as an information hub, keeping everyone informed about District 8 Hockey developments.

By centralizing all these resources and information, our website aims to enhance the experience of all participants, making it easier for them to engage with District 8 Hockey and fostering a sense of community within the region.

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