Game Reschedule and Payment


In the event a District 8 league game needs to be rescheduled, please fill out the game reschedule request form below.  We have setup ONLINE PAYMENTS for your convenience this season.


  • 14 Days and out from your original game - $55
  • Between 3 and 14 Days of your original game - $75
  • 48 Hour or Less - You will Need to Pay the scheduled Referee Fee's for your original game. PLEASE Call or Text PAUL MOEN ASAP if you are filling out a game change 48 hours or less before the original game.

Paul Moen

District Director of Officials

(651) 246-3514


  1. You MUST get all Manager & Schedulers to agree to the game change details before completing the form.
  2. You will be required to select the specific League game that you are rescheduling before entering the new game details.
  3. You must enter both managers contact information.
  4. Once you submit your game change, a Game Change # will populate on your browser screen along with a MAKE PAYMENT button. 
  5. Click on the Make Payment Button and enter in the game change # along with your contact details and continue to the payment page to submit your online payment.
  6. The Managers, Ice Schedulers and Paul Moen will then receive an approval email where all parties will be required to click on a link to approve the change. 
  7. Keep your approval email, if you would like to know who HAS NOT approved the change yet. You can click on this link at any time and it will show you who and who has not approved the change.
  8. Once all parties and Paul Moen have approved the game change, an approval email will be sent At this time, Managers should update the changes on their team calendars.  
  9. If you do not see your confirmation emails, Please check your JUNK mail folder periodically for any required approval emails.
  10. Emails must be moved out of your JUNK mail folder to be able to click the link to Approve or Reject.


Similar to previous years, if there is limited time to get the new game details defined and you need to send notification to D8 to cancel the game, enter 7/4/2020 6:00 AM in the rescheduled date/time and select the TBD location. This will log the request, but another one will need to be submitted and once the game change details have been defined.  


If during approvals, your game change is rejected, you will receive an email notification regarding the rejection and the reason for the rejection.

Depending on why it was rejected, you may need to contact the individual rejecting the change to determine what is needed to correct the issue.

After rejection, a new change request will need to be submitted with the updated details.

Confirm Delete
Click the delete icon again to confirm. Click escape to cancel.