Player Waivers

Player waivers can be considered and granted for a variety of valid reasons but must align with one of the two designated waivers in accordance with Minnesota Hockey guidelines. Specifically, there are two distinct waivers available to address such circumstances: the Participation Waiver and the School Attendance Waiver.

The School Attendance Waiver is intended for players who reside outside of the association and/or city boundaries but attend a school physically located within the boundaries of the association. These players may express their desire to play for that specific association.

For your convenience, you can access both the waiver document itself in PDF format, as well as comprehensive details regarding the procedures related to these waivers.

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District Director

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  1. The Waiver request form is filled out by the parents.
  2. Submit the Waiver Request form to the Releasing Association Registrar who will forward on a waiver to the President or his designee for approval. If the player is moving between districts, the Releasing District Director must sign the form before it moves forward. (When dealing with a release from District 3 you will need to get the releasing and accepting President signature prior to the District 3 Director signing the waiver)
  3. Submit the form to the Accepting Association President or his designee for approval. Your Association registrar can assist in the process and will need the finalized and stamped copy prior to rostering.

1) Participation Waiver


Waivers are used to allow a player to play with another association. Non open-enrollment waivers are valid for only one year, every season, a new form must be submitted for approval. Waivers are required for ALL age players - Mites are not an exception.

2) School Attendance Waiver


  • MN Hockey has declared that these types of waivers only need to be obtained the first year they are requested, therefore, you do not need to get another signed UNLESS the skaters leaves the building. Ex: going from elementary school to middle school or middle school to high school. Keep a file of these as they must be presented each year.
  • During the first year of transfer (except as below), the skater cannot make the highest level team offered (either AA or A team depending on the association). A player must be open-enrolled for one year prior to obtaining highest level team eligibility.
  • Players completing the elementary or middle school levels in their former school system are eligible to open-enroll in the new school system hockey association without penalty. This may or may not involve a change of physical building.
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