District Playoff Opt-Out

DEADLINE: January 1st of current playing season

In the event that a team within District 8 Hockey decides that it will not partake in the District playoffs, as well as the ensuing Minnesota Hockey Region and State tournaments, a specific procedure must be followed. This process involves the submission of a formal document known as the "District 8 Opt-Out Form."

For teams opting not to participate in these crucial playoff and tournament activities, it is imperative to complete and submit this form. The deadline for this submission is set on or before January 1st of the current playing season. The purpose of this form is to provide a clear and official statement of the team's intent to abstain from these events, ensuring that all stakeholders are informed and preparations can be made accordingly.

This process helps streamline the organization and planning of the playoffs and tournaments, allowing District 8 Hockey to allocate resources, schedule games, and make logistical arrangements effectively. Additionally, it ensures that all participating teams are fully committed and prepared for the competitive journey ahead.

Zac Dockter

District VP Tournaments

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