Referee Skill Rating(s)

Below are the skill level ratings used by District 8 assigners to classify and assign games to an individual referee. 

  • These skill levels are specific to District 8 and has no relation to your USA level.

  • To learn more about your individual referee skill rating contact your local assigner. 

  • If you want to improve your skill rating, proactively reach out to your local assigner to schedule an evaluation. Then based on your evaluation and/or action plan to further improve your skills, District 8 assigners will determine if you qualify for a higher skill level than you currently hold. 

If you need to find a replacement for a game, please find the skill level of your game below and click here to find and use the matching email distribution list to find a replacement official.

Paul Moen

District Referee-In-Chief

(651) 246-3514

Skill Rating(s) by Level

Playing Level Skill Rating 1 Skill Rating 2 Skill Rating 3 Skill Rating 4 Skill Rating 5
Squirt A X X X X
Squirt B X X X X X
Squirt C X X X X X
10U A X X X X
10U B/B1/B2 X X X X X
PW B1/B2 X X X
12U A X X X X
12U B X X X X X
Bantam AA (Ref) X
Bantam A (Ref) X X
Bantam AA/A (Line) X X X
Bantam B1/B2 X X X
Bantam C X X X
15U A (Ref) X X X
15U A (Line) X X X
15U B X X X
U16 (Ref) X X
U16 (Line) X X X
Jr Gold B (Ref) X X
Jr Gold B (Line) X X X
Jr Gold A (Ref) X X
Jr Gold A (Line) X X X
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