Districts, Regionals, State Tournament(s)

We're thrilled to unveil the exciting lineup for the 2024 Minnesota Hockey Districts, Regionals, and State Tournament(s). This upcoming season promises to be a remarkable journey for hockey enthusiasts of all ages, filled with intense competition, unforgettable moments, and the celebration of our beloved sport.

These tournaments are not just about the games; they represent the culmination of months of dedication and hard work from players, coaches, families, and fans. It's an opportunity to showcase the incredible talent and passion that Minnesota's hockey community is renowned for.

As we gear up for another season of exhilarating hockey action, stay tuned for more details, schedules, and updates. Get ready to witness the next generation of hockey stars shine on the ice as they compete for the ultimate glory in their respective tournaments. Let the excitement begin!

Minnesota Hockey District 8 Playoff(s): February 18-25, 2024

Minnesota Hockey Regionals: March 1-3, 2024

Minnesota Hockey State Tournament: March 15-17, 2024

Note: none Regional + State eligible teams start District Playoff(s): March 11-18, 2024


The following teams submitted their requests to be removed from the playoff schedule. The deadline is Dec 31, 2023 and no further requests will be accepted after that. PLAYOFF OPT-OUT