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Game Rescheduling Request

In the event a District 8 league game needs to be rescheduled, within 14 days of the scheduled game please fill out the game reschedule request form below and send the required $50 reschedule fee.  The change will not be posted until the fee is received.

Note - If in the event the request is within 14 days of the scheduled game, fill out the same game reschedule request but the request may be subject to additional fees. 

Send $50 rescheduling checks to:

District 8 Hockey
344 13th Ave So
South St Paul, MN 55075

Important Information for Rescheduling:

  • All rescheduling questions must go to Paul Moen ( or 651-246-3514) 
  • You MUST get all Scheduler & Manager approvals completed BEFORE Paul will see the change request.
  • Keep your approval email, if you would like to know who HAS NOT approved the change yet, you can click on this link and it will show you who and who has not approved the change.
  • Request form below must be submitted and rescheduling fee received before reschedule request will be finalized.
  • Please check your JUNK mail folder periodically for any required approval emails.
  • The email must be moved out of your JUNK mail folder to be able to click the link to Approve or Reject.

Additional Information for 2019-2020 Game Change Submissions

  • You will be required to select the specific League game that you are rescheduling before entering additional information into the form.
  • You must enter both managers contact information.
  • The form will be submitted to both managers/coaches as well as your schedulers for formal confirmation before being submitted to Paul and the League.  Please make sure to check your email and let the other manager/coach know to check their email for the confirmation request.
  • Once completely confirmed, approved by Paul, and payment received, an email will be sent to everyone notifying that the game change has been fully approved.
  • Similar to previous years, if a reschedule date/time has not been defined, enter 7/4/2020 6:00 AM in the rescheduled date/time and select the TBD  location.  This will log the request, but another one will need to be submitted and approved with the final date.

Game Change Rejection

If during approvals, your game change is rejected, you will receive an email notification regarding the rejection and the reason for the rejection.

Depending on why it was rejected, you may need to contact the individual rejecting the change to determine what is needed to correct the issue.

After rejection, a new change request will need to be submitted with the updated details.


Open Game Change Report

The link below will open a new page with the list of all the open game changes.  

  • If your change IS NOT on this list, then check to make sure your team schedule has been updated.
  • If your change IS on this list, then it has not been fully approved by the managers and schedulers, or the league has not received the check for this change.  The contact email addresses are listed so that you can follow-up as needed to make sure the change is processed.